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Food Allergy Unboxed
Discover the Simplicity in Life with Food Allergies
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Hello!  I'm Asha LeRay and I am the founder of Food Allergy Unboxed.  Here at FAU, we unbox life with food allergies - literally and figuratively.  We look at daily life routines and unbox them finding the important details while simplifying complexities of the process.  We also take a look inside at emotions that we encounter as caregivers and how to keep balance through self care as part of our routines.   

In families learn to live with food allergies so that they can focus on the joys of life!  Now, you're probably wondering who I am and why this is an interest of mine!  I'd like to share a bit about my journey...

I was sitting right where you are about 10 years ago.  I had to learn quickly how to feed my child with severe food allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, pork, mango, banana, tomato, and pitted fruits.  It seemed impossible.  How would I ever do anything else but worry, prep food, cook, and pray a lot?  How would we ever do "kid things" like playdates, outings, and preschool?  How would we attend family parties and holidays safely?  

Also, how on earth did normal activities like grocery shopping and cooking become such overwhelming tasks?  I was convinced there was a way to make things more streamlined and easier but had NO IDEA how to get there.  
Chapter 2: The Epiphany
In the beginning of our journey, I relied on instinct and some of the training I received as an occupational therapist. We specialize in activity analysis, energy conservation and medical condition management. The ultimate goal of occupational therapy is to help people be as independent as possible while living with medical conditions and other disabilities!  AH - HA!  

 I applied some of the principles to our daily life...and it became obvious that the more ORGANIZED I was in each of our daily tasks, the EASIER things got done.  The more ROUTINES I built to grocery shop, prep food, find recipes, cook, and complete daily activities, the more ENJOYABLE life became.  The more INFORMATION I gave in a written manner to caregivers, the more COMFORTABLE we all felt in the care of my child.   

NOW, I've combined my knowledge as an OT and experience as an and created solutions because want to help YOU simplify your daily life while managing food allergies.  I want to help YOU live your best life, even if it is slightly different than you imagined.  I want to help YOU hack daily routines saving you the most valuable resources we have - TIME AND ENERGY.  And hey, you might even save some money with my easy to follow systems of hacking your daily routines, creating shopping lists, finding safe ingredients and recipes, and obtaining ingredients without breaking the bank. 

Right now we've got two main products - our Food Allergy 101 Online Training and our Recipe Club!  Please check us out at

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